About Us


Welcome to the website!  Rosie Tot Baby Clothing is a collection of high-quality baby clothing- Baby clothing made better.  Rich neutral colors and soft organic knits, as well as baby accessories in eco friendly materials. 

My name is Tracy, and this business is a dream come true.  I have a passion for protecting the environment, but also love fashion and clothing.  I adored buying my babies outfits but wasn't very impressed with the styles or quality. My daughters are 9 and 12 years old now, but the love for quality baby clothing is still there! 

Everything on the website is chosen by me personally, and must meet my criteria for quality, style, and environmental impact.  While we are not 100% plastic free, I strive to use as little plastic as possible while still providing the brands customers want.   

Please check out the interview I did with Canvas Rebel Magazine.




Tracy Charbatian